Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alki Apparel Links

I promise there won't be a 5 month lag time between the next post.

I wanted to share with you some great links on Alki Apparel and say thank you to some of our great supporters.

The first is from our friends @wesingyourtweets.  They created a series of Sweets titled Alki Short Sweets and they were fantastic.  Not only do they rock, but they look damn good wearing Alki Apparel shorts!

Our friends at Fashion Network Seattle created the Alki Apparel profile on their Designer page and we couldn't be happier.  The entire team at Fashion Network Seattle has been amazing to work with and we can't thank them enough. @seafasiontv

Next, a big thank you to for featuring Alki Apparel this past week.  It was a tremendous surprise and we loved the write up!  @cameronlevin

A big thank you to  Mollie has been amazing and a great supporter of Alki Apparel from the get go.  She's already done one Alki Apparel giveaway and I'm sure we'll partner with her again and do another.  If you're not following her or not familiar with her yet...get to know her! @mollieinseattle

Next, but certainly not least is our good friend Sara at SPUN on Capitol Hill.  SPUN is the first retailer to carry Alki Apparel and Sara has been an incredible resource.  She has been a great supporter of Alki Apparel and has talked me off the ledge on a number of occasions.  Be sure to visit SPUN and support local designers or follow her @chooseSPUN

Thanks again and I'll be sure to walk my blog soon!



aka- @LoungeOfficer